The 7 Best Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives: Low-Carb and Low-Calorie Options

The 7 Best Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives: Low-Carb and Low-Calorie Options

The 7 Best Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives: Low-Carb and Low-Calorie Options

Many people love the extra flavor and richness that creamer adds to their coffee. But a lot of coffee creamers are not the healthiest. If you’re looking for a better option for your daily cup of joe, you’ve come to the right place.

Below are some of the top healthy coffee creamer alternatives for you to enjoy. This list includes alternatives that are mindful of sugar, dairy, unhealthy oils, and other ingredients that you’d rather avoid (or at least cut back on).

Let’s dive in.

1. Nut Pods

Nut Pods creamers are the perfect healthy coffee creamer alternative. They contain no added sugar (sweetened with erythritol), around 10 calories per serving, and they’re naturally flavored. Each Nut Pod is made from a mixture of almonds and coconut cream, so there’s no dairy involved.

Get them in an original creamer flavor, specific flavors like unsweetened hazelnut, or more decadent flavors like peppermint mocha.

2. Califia Farms Creamers

Califia Farms’ Better Half creamer is unsweetened and contains a mix of coconut cream and almond milk. It’s plant-based, dairy-free, and has only 15 calories per serving. The company also has Barista Blends varieties and creamers made from oatmilk or almond milk.

You can get a wide blend of flavor options, including maple caramel, mushroom oat, vanilla, hazelnut, and peppermint mocha.

3. Dairy-Free Milks

This one might be obvious, but if you want to avoid the extra junk in typical creamers, some basic non-dairy milk is a fine alternative. Just add a splash with some healthy sweetener, and you’ve got a great cup.

The best non-dairy milks for adding to coffee include oatmilk, soy milk, and coconut milk. Also, check the labels. You’ll want milks that are unsweetened, even if they’re flavored, for the healthiest options.

4. Bulletproof Coffee “Creamers”

By now, you've probably heard about Bulletproof coffee coined by Dave Asprey. It’s a keto- and low-carb friendly way to do coffee.

To make Bulletproof coffee, you blend black coffee with MCT oil or an animal fat like grass-fed butter or ghee. The idea is that having the coffee keeps you in fat-burning mode while providing a creamy morning energy boost.

If you’d rather skip convention creamers, try blending up some healthy fat-rich coffee like this.

5. Malk's Oat and Almond “Malk” Creamer

Malk is a well-known non-dairy milk brand. Their creamer contains a blend of oat and almond milk, and it’s sugar-free. The ingredients are also super simple without extra additives or fillers.

One serving of Malk creamer is only 10 calories, making it another low-calorie creamer option.

6. Coconut Cream

If you want something richer than non-dairy milks in your coffee, try a hefty spoonful of coconut cream instead. You’ll get some of the benefits of MCT fats while enjoying a delicious drink.

Keep in mind that coconut cream is not a low-calorie option, but it’s ideal for those who want to get some healthy fats in with their cup of joe.

7. Make-Your-Own Creamers

Lastly, don’t forget about homemade healthy coffee creamers. You can easily make your own concoction of creaminess for your daily cup of coffee.

Mix something creamy with someone sweet and a nice flavor. For example:

  • Heavy cream with monkfruit sweetener and cinnamon
  • Coconut milk with stevia and vanilla extract
  • A mix of oatmilk and almond milk with hazelnut-flavored stevia drops
  • Grass-fed butter blended with a drizzle of honey and nutmeg.

You might just discover your new favorite home-prepared creamer!

Try any of the above healthy coffee creamer alternatives for a more nutritious cup of coffee. You’ll feel more energized, less of a sugary afternoon slump, and start to crave the healthier options.

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