Shipping Melt Risk

Between May 1st to October 1st, please be advised on products that melts such as chocolates, deodorant, lip balm and gummy vitamins. We do not ship with ice packs or any special packaging to cool products in transit. We are not responsible for products that melt in transit.

Do you have free Shipping?

As of the moment, we do not have free shipping. Please check back from time to time for promotions.

How much is the Shipping Fee?

Shipping fees are automatically calculated by our system which takes in to consideration the weight of the product ordered and how far the distance is from the warehouse from your house. The heavier the product ordered and the farther the distance, the higher the shipping fee.

SHIPPING and TRACKING. How long will my order arrive when I placed the order now?

     1. We ship within to 2 business days. Expect between 3 to 10 days for the delivery. If you are unable to wait, please contact us within 30 minutes after placing your order if you wish to cancel. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

     2. The couriers are usually UPS and USPS. You may track your package using


I only received a part of my order. Are there any more shipments coming? 

For short shipments, investigation is required and there are a number of reasons for this:

You ordered a large quantity. Our supplier usually divides large quantity orders to make sure that you will receive the products in good condition. Tracking numbers will be sent via email and you will be notified as well of the status of the order.

1. The products you ordered came from different distribution centers. There are times when we need to ship the product you ordered from another warehouse because it is unavailable to the one near you. Tracking numbers will be sent via email and you will be notified as well of the status of the order.

2. When there is no scheduled delivery after you have received a part of your product, we may need a little more time to further investigate what happened. And if short shipment is verified, we will process a replacement for the remaining items undelivered.

I receive an incorrect product/The product I received is different from the product I ordered. What should I do?

When reporting an incorrect product received, it is best to send a picture of the product received as well as the UPC or the Universal Product Code. The UPC is located at the bottom of the bar code that is printed on the product itself. We will compare the UPC of the product ordered and the UPC of the product received. If they are the same, it means that the manufacturer changed their packaging label, but the ingredients are the same and intact. Otherwise, it means that some of the ingredients are changed and if you are not comfortable using the product, you may return it to us and we will refund the amount that you paid.

The products I received were damaged. What are the ways to correct this?

If you received a damaged product, please send us a picture of it to our support email:

Is it possible to cancel my order?

Cancellation of orders must be reported within the next 30 minutes after the order was placed. Our process is fully automated and once our system has processed the order, cancellation will not be possible. What you can do is return the product to us once you received it (but you will pay for the shipping cost) or you can refuse delivery.

The shipping address on my order is incorrect. How can I correct it?

     1. If the order has been placed within the 30 minutes grace period, we can still change or correct the shipping address on the order. Another email will be sent to let you know about the changes made on the order.

     2. If the order is already beyond the 30 minutes grace period, we can no longer change the ship to address but we can wait until the order ships out and contact the carrier to change the shipping address for the tracking and delivery information.

     3. If in any case we were unable to cancel or contact the carrier for change of address, we may be able to process an order replacement with the correct shipping information.

I want to return an item. Will I get a free return label?

     1. You may return unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund minus shipping. Please return the product in its original packaging. We charged 15% restocking fee for buyer's remorse. If we determined it is our fault we will provide a free return label.

     2. If you receive an incorrect shipment, defective or expired products, we politely need the photo of those products. Unfortunately for consumables, we do not process claims for quality complaints in regard to taste, touch, or smell.  If the product is sealed or not expired, then these complaints are to be reported directly to the manufacturer by the consumer.

Please contact us via email at 

I ordered chocolates, does it come with cooling packs? 

Our suppliers do not deliver chocolates with cooling packs, if you encounter issues regarding your chocolate order, you may contact us for a possible replacement or refund.

I am getting a credit card error when purchasing online. What should I do?

     1. When placing an online order using your credit card, please make sure that you have entered the account number as it appears on your card (special characters like dashes or spaces needs to be omitted), you may need to enter all the required fields on the order form. Your billing address should also match with your bank credit card record.

     2. If you are using an American Express card, you use the 4-digit code on the front of the card instead of the security code located on the back of your card.

     3. If your order has been cancelled, you may need to contact your bank to request for an immediate release of any holds on your account.  If your bank is unable to assist you, please email: with the following information: Name, Phone Number, Order number, Date of purchase, order amount, bank name and the fax number or email address of the issuing bank. The removal of authorization hold may depend on your bank’s processing time.

I am a member of a non-profit organization, and we have tax exemption. What should I do to apply this on my order?

To be recognized that you are tax exempt, you need to provide a tax exemption certificate issued from your state. You would need to create also an account in Nature’s Ideal website. Once this is completed, please contact us.