Make an Easy Ginger Tincture with These 3 Steps Today

Make an Easy Ginger Tincture with These 3 Steps Today

Many of us turn to natural home remedies for common ailments. Ginger tincture is a popular option when you’re feeling congested or sick to your stomach.

If you’re curious about making this powerful solution, we’ve got good news for you: it’s easy! And you might already have the ingredients in your kitchen. Keep reading for the details and the simple recipe.

What Is a Tincture?

A tincture is a concentrated herbal extract. You make it by soaking herbs (like ginger) or other ingredients in alcohol, vinegar, or glycerin. The liquid pulls beneficial compounds from the item to create a concentrated solution.

Below are a few ways to make your own ginger tincture quickly and easily.

What Is Ginger Tincture Good for?

Ginger tincture benefits include relief for:

  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Cramps
  • Motion sickness
  • Congestion
  • Colds and coughs
  • Headaches

Digestion- and sinus-related issues are the most common reasons someone makes a ginger tincture.

One jar also goes a long way. You’ll only need a few drops at once. Like pills that can be hard to swallow or cough syrups that are off-putting for someone, you can take ginger tincture quickly.

While ginger is undoubtedly strong, it’s easier to use when the dose is small. Just a couple of drops, and you’re done!

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How Do You Make Ginger Tincture?

There are a few different ways to make this concoction. Most tinctures contain high-proof alcohol, but you can also make this one non-alcoholic. We’ll include both versions.

Ginger Tincture with Alcohol


  • Your choice of ginger type (ground ginger, chopped fresh ginger root, or chopped dried ginger root)
  • High-proof alcohol (such as brandy or vodka)

The only tool you’ll need is a clean glassjar with a cap. Rather than providing exact ingredient amounts, we’ll use the jar as a guide. The size of the jar doesn’t matter as long as the proportions stay the same.

How to prepare the tincture (in a few easy steps:

  1. Fill the jar ¼ full if you’re using ground ginger. If you’re using fresh or dried ginger root, fill the jar ½ to ¾ full.
  2. Pour the alcohol over the ginger until the jar is almost full.
  3. Put the cap on the jar and shake well.
  4. Store the jar in a cool, dark place for several weeks, shaking at least three times a week.
  5. After about four to six weeks, strain the liquid from the ginger with a strainer or cheesecloth.

You now have your tincture! Continue storing it in a cool, dark place. You might store in amber dropper bottles for easy use.

How to Make Ginger Tincture Without Alcohol

If you prefer not to use alcohol, you can make the mixture with apple cider vinegar or glycerin. Use the same recipe as above but with one of these ingredients instead of the alcohol.

Just remember that vinegar and glycerin won’t last as long as alcohol. Sources say alcohol-based tincture lasts one to five years, so you should use non-alcohol versions sooner.

How to Use Ginger Tincture

Most people use about ½ teaspoon of the tincture at a time, up to three times per day. If the flavor is too much, add drops to a spoon of honey or some ginger ale.

Other Ways to Use Ginger

Ginger is a versatile plant that humans have been using for thousands of years. Besides the uses that we’ve mentioned above, here are other applications for ginger:

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